Oil is Property by Warfare for our Lifestyle

While looking for patriotic images to use for reference for my blasphemous paintings I ran across some old American Heritage Magazines. I stumbled upon an article that I found fascinating ‘The Tyranny of Oil’ by Carl Solberg. What really fascinated me about the article was that it seemed straight forward. It was written before the embassy attacks in 79 so it seemed to be summing up the situation and villainy of the U.S. before the situation became politically charged here in the United States.

The United States involvement in the middle east was born out of the need for oil to wage war. It was Churchill who first realized that petroleum was vital in waging modern warfare. In response to this a handful of companies with the might of the United States empire undertook the task of controlling the flow of oil in the middle east. This began our current cycle. Must have oil for war, must wage war for oil.

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