About US

Buy, consume, work harder. Risk your life for Bezos, for he shall inherit the earth. All bow to the almighty economy, for the state will protect you from the violent anarchists.

A totalitarian fascist police state is upon us, and it only took a Trump and a Pandemic for people to realize it. Bush, Obama, Clinton, Republican and Democrat alike are the iron fist of the invisible hand. Class war is here, and nobody has an issue with it until the poor fight back.

But in all seriousness, this is the return of Gonzo Times. GT was a blog I ran a decade ago ranting about mad leftist, anarchist, libertarian and communist politics. I gave up the original URL years ago, so Gonzo Times gets a hyphen this time around. I figure blogs are a lost and forgotten form online today. My kids are being radicalized on tick tock, everyone and their cousin has a podcast, and YouTube is something else altogether. I’ve had a lot of “I told you so” moments over the last decade. My kids grew up a great deal, and the world is changing. So, here I come back with Gonzo Times. We had alot of contributors 10 years ago. Right now it’s just me. It started as my personal blog the first time, until it got attention for my speaking out, a USMC vet speaking up against the military. My political philosophy was changing then, and my philosophies have changed even more in the last decade.

Most of the time I just want to be playing Dungeons & Dragons, but I’ve been dragged in and out of organizing and politics a lot over the last couple decades. I’ve seen some successes and victories over the time, and learned a great deal as well. Here I go back to the blog, writing my thoughts for the world. Maybe I’ll get it together and do something more impressive than an out of date blog. Maybe I won’t.