How To Make A Human Being

People are created over time though social means. The act of making other people in and of itself is a social interaction. From conception to death, a human being is nothing without the social world around them. To see a ‘natural person’ existing outside of social influence seems an impossible task. To attempt to create the ‘natural person’ without social influence would be an unethical experiment to attempt to undertake. Let us say one did attempt this experiment. We would have to ignore the social act of creating a person, because to have a human being other people must fertilize an egg, carry it to term and deliver the child. This child is now taken and placed in an environment that would nurture the natural person without social influence, what is this? Oxana Malaya, a young girl raised by dogs was socialized by the dogs which raised her. Her behavior was formed by the socialization with animals, she barked, howled and crawled on all fours. A person who might survive the wild would need assistance from birth, and if in the wild, as we see, would simply be socialized and created by the animals which enabled the survival of the child.

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