Nothing Will Fundamentally Change, and they delivered

Right now we do not know the results of the 2020 election. It is the day after the election, and I pretty much avoided the media circus yesterday through it all. I managed to forget about it. Not because I don’t care, but because I had to for my own sanity. I couldn’t just follow this nightmare driving myself crazy. I voted, and there is nothing more I could do. This representative democracy works that way. Even if you manage to vote in someone from the other party, I have no power over the policy and laws they pass. I have little to no viable options to vote for representatives who represent anything I would back, support or believe in. There is no change coming from the ballot box, and Biden stated himself that “Nothing will fundamentally change.” We really see what that message brings us in this election. We see the democrats choosing a right wing candidate is not a slam dunk at all. Why would it be?

The democrats keep pushing right. They more closely resemble Reagan than anything like a party that represents labor, the working class or the poor. They still get more financial support from the same capitalist assholes in power that will just buy the politicians who did get elected. The party means very little to them if both parties represent their interest.

Whoever wins will push voters to the other side through their term, bringing us back to the other party. The next Trump could easily be far worse. The power of the state and capital continues to grow, like a parasite or cancer sucking it’s power and wealth from the people. The needed change is not going to be brought through a ballot box.

We have some horrible people in this country. Anyone who has voted Trump either benefits from his power because they are of the capitalist class and they are looking out for each others interests, or they are just ignorant influenced by this right wing hegemony that is so strongly rooted in American individualism.

Both sides are unwilling to see the horrible realities of their candidates. The political parties are drifting further right and there is no hope in sight of a left wing democratic party. With so many clinging so hard to these two capitalist parties elections just keep pushing us closer to fascism. Why not? There are many who are very comfortable with this arrangement. That has been changing, and it will get worse. A lot of people are going to hit rock bottom before they will be able to see the issue we have.

The very system that perpetuates this is the problem, and playing by it’s rules keeps it in power and keeps you in check. Unless you are serious in getting involved and getting into your communities organizing alternatives and organizing to make the real changes needed then we will continue down this path. Things will be getting worse in the next few years, and they will not be fixed by the Democrats, they are not some champion of the people that they pay all the PR people and marketing to try and convince you of. There is a way forward, but it needs you engaged in your community and society. It needs you to be in your workplace interacting with others bringing them over, organizing your fellow workers.

The ad campaigns will attract and energize people for their teams. This is fucking football, not democracy. It is two people more wrapped up in their team waving team flags for teams they do not play on. Maybe getting us to wave flags of our own team and not the rich assholes and politicians teams you might be able to light some sort of fire under peoples asses. Biden was a terrible choice, and no matter the outcome we can not ignore the massive support fascism has in the USA right now. The strategy is not working.

On top of it all the left is too busy infighting on social media to do anything productive. Escalating the shouting match and tearing each other down while waiting for the right ruler to come along won’t work. Organizing your communities is where you start. Risking your time and actually getting involved is a good start, and not volunteering to support a political party with your labor. You need to be in your communities. There is lots of need you can be contributing to in where you can make changes. The problem is that the work needed to be done seldom pays because it’s not valued by capitalism, and labor for free isn’t all that great when you are stuck trying to survive the collapse of capitalism. But if you want to survive the collapse of capitalism and this era of trying to restructure this system of inequality you will have to begin to engage in Mutual Aid and Direct Action. Those are kind of catch phrases on the left and thrown around a lot and many do not understand them. Maybe I can come back and expand more on these in the future, but for now you have google.

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