Trump, the Silver Spoon Spoilt Brat is about to have one hell of a temper tantrum and it could get very bad

It looks as if Biden has been declared winner of the 2020 election, and is the President Elect. And Trump is losing his shit. The spoilt brat is about to have a melt down on a national level like a child being sent to his room kicking and screaming blaming the parent unable to accept the reality he is facing. If you grow up your whole life with a silver spoon being given everything you want, not being told no it might be hard to imagine you might not get everything you want. But here we are, the pampered rich boy still acting like a bratty child in his 70s having a lame duck temper tantrum on a national level with way more power than a raging child should ever have.

The rich are born with access to not only wealth but power. Money is power in this capitalist world. Trump claimed to be a successful businessman going back to his youth running around with his daddy’s money. The reality was that he failed and ran everything he touched to the ground, but he was good at putting on a show, living a lie. His reputation and his false claims were always what he had to offer. It’s how he won over a lot of voters who bought into these lies. His claims about the election are just as fabricated as every other claim he makes. It is as if nobody has challenged the legitimacy of his bullshit. I’m sure we will have volumes of books that will come out in the aftermath highlighting all the bullshit. The lies have become so absurd that even Fox news cut away from a white house press conference because it could not responsibly air such fabrications. Yet, the guy making up the crap has enough power to act as if they were true. Here we are, a silver spoon spoilt brat having a temper tantrum is about to unleash his tantrum on the world. This was always about his ego and his thirst as the parasite he is.

The scary reality is that a lot of people are acting as if conspiracy theories are reality, and they want to kill others over this. Right wing groups are talking about not just targeting democratic politicians, but also just random citizens they would consider leftists or liberals. Their dreams of conflict include killing the poor, working class and anyone who has opposed or voiced opinions against the rich man they want to have power over us.

I am not a Democrat. I never have been. I have issues with Biden, but that is not what this is about. This Democrat verses Republican power struggle brought us here. I truly believe that in his mind Trump at the very least has considered his options in leading a coup. This is not an uncommon way for fascists to gain or maintain power. Fascism in Spain came as Francisco Franco lead a coup d’etat after a close contested election. Frankly, looking at that election and the political rhetoric, it very closely resembles what is going on right now in the USA in many ways. The scary part is that Civil War did break out and a lot of civilians were slaughtered. This did not end well, and fascism won. If civil war comes to the USA we are not talking 1800’s battlefields and two sides dug out meeting with weapons. Civil war today more closely resembles Syria. Lots of conflicting factions killing lots of people in the streets.

We already see this. This has already begun. The right has been shooting protesters, walking into Walmart killing people over the color of their skin or for their nationality. We have a nationalist fascist movement in the USA that sees others with differing political stances as open game to slaughter, and the President of the USA is a foolish angry child willing to see any of you die so he can have power and wealth. This is the current reality. Most politicians and capitalists are totally okay with you dying for them to reach their goal, but most are far less brash and unpredictable with it. Most would at least try to avoid or hide their war crimes. Trump realizes with his influence he is above the law and he does not want to lose that.

We have seen this man’s irrational brash ignorance on display over the last four years. Here, he has nothing to lose but all the power he has accumulated, and he is going to do whatever he thinks will keep that power for himself. He truly believes his bullshit, and so does his flock. That unhinged neighbor with the Trump flag might not come next door to kill you because of your election yard sign, but there is a good possibility some of them are wanting to do that right now.

And, here I stand, an anarchist who has no allegiance to the Democrats but a very real opposition to the rise of fascism and this ignorant entitled brat. The fascists see no difference between the communist, the anarchist, the libertarian or the liberal democrat. They are all the same, anyone who dares oppose the silver spoon spoilt brat is the enemy.

Reason, reality and logic are not factors here for these people. Sure, they like to say words like logic, common sense or reason. Sure they say the word policy on these talk shows, but they never discuss an actual policy. At this point anyone with any grasp of formal logic has seen that no decision on the right has been influenced by logic. So, no matter how hard you want to discuss some concept, problem or issue, you will not be able to make any progress with them. At this point they have drawn sides and they are scoping out the enemy. I can only hope that this will play out quick and we will be left with far less of these fascist extremists.

If Trump is removed from office without incident that would be a miracle at this point. I hope it happens. But if he is, this mass of radical right wing extremists will not be going anywhere. Biden winning does not change that we will have to confront this growing segment of society. It’s as if all the gullible fools who used to get chain emails a decade ago just shifted to getting this garbage on social media and conspiracy theory is the new ideology on the right. This works great for opportunists used to using myths like religion to gather political support. You can’t rationally argue against their myths, because these people are not clinging to myths because any rational reason. They are caught up in their anger, emotions and have found a fairy tale that fits the world they want. They will kill for this.

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