DeWine Raking In Profits as Unemployed Workers Go Months With No Income

While countless unemployed workers wait in the dark not knowing when they will see another dime from unemployment insurance, Governor Mike DeWine took to the media Tuesday to declare we need a Public Private Partnership. DeWine who has already paid 9.6 million to Deloitte who has failed the job of getting the payments out but has succeeded in giving DeWine financial contributions is said to be handling unemployment systems for five other states. As the weeks go on Ohio keeps moving dates further and are saying now that people will have to wait months for payment, February 26th was the date that was given yesterday. And despite having databases full of unemployed workers personal information, they have failed to respond or initiate contact with those waiting and suffering growing desperate.

It was reported in July of 2020 that DeWine himself profited from this pandemic. His company was one of many who received money from the $600 billion coronavirus aid program. He is all about paying big chunks of government funds to other private companies as his response to a crisis instead of addressing the issue. If our elected officials are unable to do the job what are we paying them for? It seems we are paying them to find companies to get rich off our tax dollars.

Let me interject here. What happens when they manage to completely privatize unemployment insurance and social services? There is money to be made in unemployment we have learned here in Ohio. Deloitte has figured a way to funnel money from Ohioans job loss up the ladder to increase corporate profits. Most of our retirement funds have gone this way already. Pensions are of the past and we lose retirement funds as the market crashes constantly. Many saw their retirement, savings and 401K vanish before their eyes in the last crash ten years ago. And the response since then was increased privatization, which is just handing barrels of cash from the government to big companies that they just pass out to their CEO with little to nothing going out to the workers in this. As profits at the top increase workers keep facing lines about how things are not stable, and they do not get to see the benefit of this growth.

Protests are planned for noon today.

5 thoughts on “DeWine Raking In Profits as Unemployed Workers Go Months With No Income

  1. I reside in Dayton, ohio.i was furloughed due to covid19.i am currently three months behind on rent,all my bills are in disconnect, I receive barely enough food stamps not enough to eat all month.

    I have not even received the megar amount of215 a week to continue to get by!!!I have congestive heart failure so I am a higher risk of catching covid19.But I still apply for jobs,an have been on several interviews with no luck.

    Willing to put my life at risk so I dont become homeless.Unemployment has been very evasive.all they continue to tell people is be patient, the payments will be retroactive. U can not EAT,PAY BILLS,RENT RETROACTIVELY!!!!

    There are thousands of us that have left dangling on a financial cliff. Considering this is a global pandemic you would think DP&L,VECTREN, WATER&SEWER,would cut people some slack well that surely isnt the case as many of my fellow ohioans are sitting in the dark!!!!Dewine &Kimberly have sat by idly while hundreds of thousands continue to suffer.

    I truly hope one day they have to experience this type of pain an suffering.we are tax paying AMERICAN CITIZENS!!!An we deserve alot better than this.

    1. Exactly. We all feel this way. Enough is enough, stealing will get u free rent n food, that’s what many have done. This is cruel and unusual punishment not ur people. Impeach Dewine

  2. Yes this is really sad how they are handling unemployment.
    Calling identity fraud on people then making it hard to turn in documents. Then when you call they say you have turned in all you have to then you get ineligible indefinitely. Then you file an appeal for a residence document….3 months have gone by. 32 days since turned in utility bill. Why does it take 32+ days to look at a utility bill?

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