Ohio Stops paying unemployment assistance to workers, protests planned

Wednesday January the 27th at noon a protest is planned. The event is planned to be a peaceful protest calls for people to come out and show up in numbers at unemployment offices across the state of Ohio. The state of Ohio has cut off unemployment for struggling unemployed workers across the state. The state of Ohio ceased paying many individuals unemployment insurance in December. People took to social media to find answers and have found out that others are hitting a brick wall as well. No correspondence from the state has come to these many struggling workers as their situations grow worse. Many who have commented here as well as on groups that have popped up in social media over the last month tell tales of people losing housing, cars, getting utilities shut off and even suicide. Still, no correspondence to unemployed workers desperately waiting for some financial assistance. Despite the 11 weeks unemployment extension signed by President Trump at the end of December 2020 which carried a $300 extra weekly benefits, Ohio has failed to distribute funds to the unemployed and has failed to contact workers who were abruptly cut off.

Ohio’s response to questions was to treat unemployed workers as criminals. Governor Mike DeWine has said he is Sorry, but most workers are having a hard time paying their rent and car payments with a “sorry” yet alone the fees and penalties they are facing from late bills. A reddit page created by and for unemployed workers in Ohio struggling with this jumped to well over 700 members in less than a week. The Facebook group Hold Ohio Unemployment Compensation Responsible has spiked to well above 6 thousand members who are frantically posting and begging for answers. People are reporting the conflicting information coming from Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS). It seems that the front-line workers have been kept in the dark as to what is going on and have been given no answers for those on Unemployment in the state. Various dates of changes have been given to people when they call, and people are being given conflicting information.

The state has been quick to rush to the media to address fraud and some accounts sound a lot like almost all on unemployment are being treated as if they are committing fraud before they are able to continue receive unemployment benefits.

Some are calling for a peaceful protest this Wednesday, January 27th at noon. It calls for people to protest at local unemployment offices, Governor Mike DeWine’s home and the house of the house of ODJFS Director Kimberly Henderson. Ohio has no unemployment offices, so the protests seem to be planned for the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services across the state. They are calling for as many to come out as possible so they can be seen and heard. People feel unheard, ignored and are getting desperate. Poverty and desperation are not a good combination, but it seems to be the combination that the state of Ohio is okay with as long as nobody in charge is able to be held accountable for the suffering of the unemployed workers of the state.

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  1. No check for 7 weeks Reliacard froze my account because I changed my mailing address (not my physical address) but mailing address on the unemployment site. Since when is reliacard able or informed about any of my private institutions? I never changed anything on their website only unemployment site. Well now 7weeks without pay uploaded sent faxed all documents over 80+times and 109 call later still nothing. And their investigating me for fraud. This is fraud at the highest level I now live in a tent and my kids and I barely make it through the cold nites. But thanks assholes at reliacard!

    1. Yes I am one of them also I have 5 weeks of not being payed and we have eviction notice and so worried about being homeless we have no where to go if we loose our place to live in the middle of cold winter and they jfs don’t care

  2. Come on Ohio this is no way to go about this! You have thousands of people outta of work because of this Covid 19 and noting we can do about it. All people are wanting is straight answers on why! We have bills just like you do only thing is we’re relying on you to help us through this tough time you have to understand everyone’s frustration. Some people live paycheck to paycheck! And are birch of being homeless please don’t this! This is the wrong way to go about this Please thank you Josh Pensis

  3. I just don’t understand why this is taking so long. It’s despicable. They should be ashamed of themselves. People are legitimately frightened. They are losing their lights, their heat, their water, their homes. Can’t feed their kids, pets, grandparents, themselves. There are people who are starving because they are feeding the rest of their family and going without. I see more people panhandling on freeway ramps. I mean come on. Help us. I’m going on 5 weeks now. I cannot go on like this. Please tell us something, and frickin help us already.

    1. I think you guys gained enough interest, give us our damn money, this is stupid. Remember who shut our jobs down? And remember who place restrictions on our jobs! they’ll probably in March but now there’s an issue… lies on lies

  4. Five weeks with zero income and three children to care for. Unacceptable Ohio! Utility agencies don’t care that you haven’t paid us! It’s gonna be fun when it’s 25° out and we have no heat. This is ridiculous!!!

  5. almost a month and a half no help in site. I almost cried when the relief was approved in december and now, lately, i’ve been crying for a different reason. I’m so disappointed in my state, they fragrant disregarding of human lives. I’m sure the people working at these offices get to go home and not have to deal with disconnection notices or figure out how to get $5 for dinner. I just cant believe its come to this.

    1. I totally feel your pain.
      Reliacard held my money hostage for 6 weeks. I closed my account with help from a good odjfs worker.

  6. Programs are not being cut! In fact, both senators, 12 of 16 Reps and Gov. DeWine himself have taken thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Deloitte, the company they hired to administer the UI system. In the case of DeWine just in 2018 he took over $15,000 from them…everyone please read this post and check the sources, it’s legit. The state has sold out to corporate interests, this is a clear link and explains why they would hire an inept company to do this work: they’re beholden because of thousands of dollars.https://www.reddit.com/r/OHIO_UI_FAQ/comments/l58hqw/deloitte_ui_contractor_has_donated_thousands_to/

  7. I’ve been denied almost 5 weeks right after Christmas late on every bill rent utilities I’m bout to be homeless they force you to be aid off now they’re screwing over 1000s of ohioans we need a new governor somebody that gives a shit thanks robert j kotnik bobbyk0405.rk@gmail.com

  8. I’ve been without pay for 5 weeks. When you call the unemployment office, they tell you something different each time ! They are telling people to refile claims when they shouldn’t! That sets people back weeks and these people don’t care ! I can understand the situation back in March when all this first started but it’s been a year now ! Uncalled for and someone needs fired !

  9. So I have been on the unemployment and pua almost since covid had started I worked part time and was only able to get a job that was having me work maybe 10 to 12 hours a week trying to find work months and months of not hearing anything all while fighting with unemployment to get paid i ended up having to wait on the pua for 3 months doing a back ground check and paperwork waiting for them to pass me though then out of the blue later I had 2 months of no pay and back up on my account due to their “fraud checks” and now im waiting on paychecks yet again I have been having to wait for over half a year just to get my payments and by then too half the time I do get paid I have to scrabble and try to catch back up on all my bills and pay for food

  10. Programs are being cut because unemployment rates are down while the truth of the matter is unemployment is just behind processing the applications.

    1. Behind? More like “doing us from behind.” Get your facts straight. UI was not cut and IMO there is more going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about. I.e. our elected officials are not honest with us about who is doing what…

  11. Thank you so much for writing this I am one of them off since March have now been denied 4 weeks keep getting different answers every time I call but say at the same time I don’t have to do anything just keep filing on an extension that’s already ended and once the system updates it will be switched on its own I’m a single mom of 2 girls my daughter is fully remote learning I have underlying health issues and my dining room is still closed I get no help or support that was my one means of income now I’m about to lose my car and my apartment this is so unfair both my daughters birthdays were this month the 17th and the 27th it’s bad enough I couldn’t give them a Christmas now I can’t even give them birthdays unemployment is a joke and we need out money now they knew they would strike a deal they should have been more prepared started updating their system when this all first started

  12. It’s been too long for the people waiting for their unemployment now, not only waiting,no definite answers on if we are even eligible! How do you expect us all to stay calm when our livelihood is in shambles? People are beyond struggling with bills, food, and even losing shelter! This is America and this is what’s happening to people in our Country? Shame on the USA!

  13. It’s so frustrating that every time you call unemployment you get told something different. I was told that they needed to reopen my claim and I was asked a number of questions. I called again and found out that the previous rep shouldn’t have done that. Now I’m worried my account will be messed up with I finally receive the extra 11 weeks pay. I understand that dewine is sorry but his sorry doesn’t pay our bills. He should have been working on fixing all these issues many months ago. Honestly it feels like no one truly cares. They are sleeping just fine at night being able to pay their bills and food on their table. Unemployment reps should be trained better and it’s a shame that this is causing more issues for the unemployed.

  14. People are struggling out here Ohio get your shit together!!! We should not have to suffer!! Y’all are still being paid to do nothing it looks like!!?? It’s been a month of no income how is one supposed to survive???

  15. Cmon Ohio you knew this extension was coming a long time ago. Starting to sound like an excuse! We have computers that can control robotic cars on the moon hut Ohio cannot process unemployment claims!?!?

  16. They say in times of need, true personalities and true selves come out. We have seen this in Ohio now. Dewine does not care about the people. Kim Henderson does not care about the people. Thousands are being removed from homes resorting to finding other places to stay. Thousands are having their heat turned off during the cold months. Thousands are being punished for something that they themselves have no control over. We did not shut down the state, we did not close our businesses, we did not ask to be unemployed, but we are the ones being punished.
    It’s hard for those that are not in our shoes relate to the troubles we are going through. They don’t have to worry about job security, they don’t have to figure out where their next meal is coming from, they don’t have to fight to keep their heat on just for one extra day. They can pay their bills, they can feed their families, they have a roof over their head, heat in their homes. They don’t care about us. We are just the bottom of the totem pole to them. They treat us as if we asked for all this, we are criminals to them needing assistance to survive. At least criminals in jail have heat, they have meals coming to them every day. They have entertainment and roofs over their head. We don’t even have that anymore.

    Halt their pay. Make them wait. They aren’t getting the job done, they aren’t being leaders. Why be paid to not do their job? Maybe then they will work on the problem instead of coming up with excuses. Maybe then they will see the urgency of the situation. Maybe then they will start to worry about how they will pay their bills. They will then have empathy for us.

    We demand to be treated equally. We demand to be treated as people, not criminals. We deserve to be treated with respect and given the truth. No more lies about what is going on. No more made up answers that they are telling the reps to tell us just to get us off the phones. Solve the problem, get people their money, and help save lives. Yes, I said save lives… because lives of the people are being ruined for something they had no control over.
    Give us what we deserve.

  17. Holding on since Dec 14.. Nooo income… I used up my Pua so I’m one of those who have to wait till Feb 26… Gtfoh!!!!!! Sincerely 7weeks

  18. I havent had pay since 12/12 i am in default with my car loan , have eviction notice due to non payment of remt.. Trying to figure out day to day how to buy food .. Enough is enough we need money now !!!!

  19. It’s funny Ohio says it’s because of Fraud, then they say the system is at fault and they are trying to get it fixed. Which is it?
    People are calling for Kim Henderson to resign, NO! That will save her reputation and enable her to keep working for the State. She needs to be fired and charges brought up against her.

  20. I received a eviction notice yesterday my car was repossessed in December. Ohio stopped unemployment my last payment was 12/12 /2020 . I did not have ONE gift for my kids, literally NOT ONE !!! Landlords ARE still evicting , they don’t care about a moratorium or the fact that we haven’t been paid they need there money too. I gave My landlord my last bit of money 12/12 which left me owing half of dec and all January and January 25 I have a eviction . I can and have called a rep every day for 5 days straight and have gotten 5 different answer to the same question. I watch Dewine say “ sorry” but still offers no help.. I have watched videos of Kimberly Hall lie on tv with a slight grin on her face. I use to be proud to be from Ohio , I really did .. NOT NOT NOT ANYMORE . Ohio has showed they care nothing about the people that elected them , they care about the kick backs from Corp donors, they care about the power. I wish I could half way do my job, put extreme distress on people who I work for, Lie about why I’m horrible about my job AND STILL KEEP MY JOB, that would be a dream job .Unfortunately my job demanded me to be accurate when I posted payments to accounts , unfortunately my job would have held me responsible for the “ lack” of my effectiveness, unfortunately I couldn’t just say sorry if my boss had to keep telling me about the same issue, unfortunately my job would have fired me if I could not live up to their job description…

  21. This is wrong we are in the middle of getting am eviction notice and shut off on are utilities and have to drive are kids back and forth to school we should be compensated for this it’s wrong and all Governor Mike dewine can say is I’m sorry why he has millions he doesn’t care are he would be doing something about it we should be able to do a class action lawsuit

  22. People are on the verge of loosing everything & the answers we’ve been receiving are complete bs something needs to be done to get people PAID this is ridiculous we are suffering tremendously while they sit in their million dollar homes comfortably, Where is our help when needed most this program should NOT take months to implement the money is there it needs to be in our bank accounts!

  23. Single mother of 5, 3 water bills over due. Can’t pay my internet bill for kids to attend online school. My car is on the verge of getting repossessed. Something needs done NOW!

  24. Should be same program when covid started in March. Unemployment $ plus $300. Same as when we first started

  25. Dewine and his buddies need to go! Enough with the lame excuses! I’m going on 6 weeks with no check! Living on noodles from the dollar store! March on Ohioans! Get these checks out!!!!

  26. the worker they have need to go I’ve had pending issue since july 15 was told by worker I turned everything in then months later called only to be told that’s not correct way she walked me thru once again same result next person said this was incorrect. now they just say they havent recieced paperwork so resent it gonna call tommorow this is the worst set up program I have ever seen in my live

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