Deloitte, DeWine’s Big Money Donors Behind Failure to Pay Unemployment in Ohio

Workers on unemployment in Ohio have not received a dime in well over a month. In May 2020 abc 9 in Cincinnati reported that the State of Ohio had paid Deloitte $9.6 million to process unemployment benefits. At the time, the job they were doing was questioned. My article last week highlighted the states failure to respond or communicate as people are growing desperate. This article began to drive traffic from Meltwater, a large corporate PR firm. Zach Schiller the director for Policy Matters Ohio stated at the time that “Other states were able to move more quickly” on accomplishing the task and questioned the service that Deloitte has been paid this large sum to provide.

DeWine received a large sum of contributions from Deloitte in 2018. Other GOP Ohio lawmakers such as Brad Wenstrup (R) Troy Balderson (R) and Roberta E. Latta (R) also received campaign contributions from Deloitte during the 2019 – 2020 campaign cycle. That cycle alone Deloitte contributed almost 2 million to Republicans and Democrats alike nationwide $1,792,500 to be exact.

Cleveland 19 reported in May of 2020 that a class action lawsuit was filed against Deloitte after they were responsible for a data leak that exposed social security numbers and addresses. Yet, after all these problems in 2020 with Deloitte, Kim Henderson the Director of the Ohio Department of Job and Family services stated in an article January 20th said “We are working to press our vendor, Deloitte (Consulting), to advance the readiness of that program.” Despite most states having already implemented and began to distribute unemployment funds Ohio has failed to do so for may unemployed workers and has gone as far to deflect questions of why with accusations treating those on unemployment as criminals.

After mentioning Deloitte in an article here on Gonzo Times I started getting traffic from Meltwater, a social listening and public relations company that serves some big money corporate clients. Off of this I assume that while Ohio and Deloitte were unable to pay unemployed workers the bare minimum they needed to survive, but someone cut a big check to a large PR firm.

The state has failed to give any information as to when people would receive unemployment and has not given correspondence to the many unemployed Ohioans who have gone well over a month with no income whatsoever. It sure starts to seem like Ohio has privatized unemployment insurance and social services and while they claimed to not have money for workers who paid into the system, they had enough to contribute to this massive corporation’s profit margin. But then, it went both ways, they were paying our elected officials for a service it seems, and it looks like they got that to the tune of at least 9.6 million. Why do we need elected officials for if they are just paying corporations to run the services they were elected to run? Or did we just elect third party payers for billionaires?

The initial finding was from a Reddit Group here.

Ohioans are planning protests for Wednesday January the 27th at noon

UPDATE: I just saw that there was another data breach like the one Deloitte had last year, but it seems the article conveniently left their name out of it.

54 thoughts on “Deloitte, DeWine’s Big Money Donors Behind Failure to Pay Unemployment in Ohio

  1. I have known for a long time that there was more going on.There is no proper communication to the unemployed and no communication with clear directives to the employees.Different answers given which is in direct conflict to what they have on their website.I seriously believe Kim Hall Henderson needs to be fired.

    1. I agree Miss Walton she should be fired Kimberly Hall should be fired I haven’t received unemployment since July 11th 2020 they continue to send the weeks for me to file as of January 25th 2021 I have in 27 weeks filed and not one dime has been paid out is very frustrating as I have gone months without funds to pay rent by food and other utilities that need to be paid on a strength I have two children I email Miss Hall a few months back several times and she never responded to one text is wrong on all levels especially when you have children you depend on your unemployment to get you through I am and STNA and before the virus hit I was working in a facility where there was a whole floor of covid patients I filed an appeal on September 28th 2020 in unemployment never responded I have called for several months trying to get information on what is going on but all the workers are trying to tell you the same thing I actually got through to redetermination one time and I was number 51 I need answers how could they continue to send me weeks and never send me any money and they are still continuing to send me weeks as of now and still no money I need answers Ohio needs answers somebody needs to take responsibility for what is going going-on

    2. Exactly, I don’t believe the programming for a program that ended by one day could be that hard we are supposed to be receiving the same amount as previous boost that was implemented no problem. The added seven weeks were added and taken away no problem. Took a month to prove my identity with four forms of ID. Haven’t received a dime in 6 weeks first round almost 4 months as was W2 and 1099 when shutdown happened was short weeks on W2 job. DOL said was supposed to be implemented by 1/26/2021 but we are supposed to wait till 2/19/2021 dates keep changing. Reps flat out lie in the phone. ODJFS contradicts itself with statements. We didn’t ask to lose our jobs, be high risk or watch or industries be destroyed. Trying to find a livable wages in new profession that will keep me safe seeming almost impossible. No aid available right now. If we lose our cars, insurance, phones, internet, homes utilities what are we supposed to do??? Just wait sorry we have been patient this is absurd! No way it costs that many millions of dollars a whole new system could have been built for less. And this is the first media report I’ve seen Addressing what we are facing!!!!

  2. Ohio jfs need to be held accountable for there actions they knew this company was bad from get go but they continue to allow them to leak peoples information on top of this we can’t get clear answers as to when we will get paid but they can pay all this money to other this unexceptionable we deserve answers we deserve to be paid

  3. Impeachment of DeWine is in order if you ask me. I myself will get the
    Signatures needed to do so ! The is far more then just a hiccup. It’s straight up treason if you ask me !!!!! People out here suffering and This guy is worried about campaign money !! Come on now. What about those people that are being evicted or that little kid going to bed at night hungry. While you and Fran are living the life of luxury shame !!! No vote for me

  4. Its sad my family is depending on this money that is rightfully ours we paid into unemployment an still have not received our money in 5 weeks its truly sicking to see how Ohio is doing us .


    1. Yes most definitely something to needs to be done someone should be held countable for there screw up and letting us all down with no guarantee answers

  6. With this being the 3rd package for unemployment. One would think that they would have an understanding of what needs done. As unemployment was drawing to an end in December other states were jumping in to help. Ohio remained silent. Apparently silence is there go to response. Please we need help this is beyond acceptable.

  7. Everyone involved with the unemployment scandal need fired and let them sit in the people’s shoes where they’re losing everything because they apparently don’t give a rats ass about the American people!! FIRE ALL THEIR GREEDY ASSES

  8. This is absolutely horrible we been waiting checking nothing if it was that easy for us we would be back to work behind on bills my cars broke down my kids are going back to school this is depressing I was working 2 jobs before the pandemic now nothing in my bank account everyday ui says another date I don’t know what to do I have to take care of my family a single mother and grandmother

  9. This is absolutely absurd and they need to be held accountable. Unemployed people in Ohio deserve better. Treating unemployed ohioans like poor beggars for something that was no fault of their own is completely unacceptable. This year and last year has been hard enough on everyone smh!

  10. All we hear is keep filing and once implemented you will get your money, it’s frustrating to keep filing knowing even though we file we can’t pay our bills,this isn’t right ,we don’t deserve this or ask for this to happen. And now we are being told different dates. They worked this system in before what’s the problem now?? Alot of us can’t keep going by its coming, when it should of already came by now . Karma will come to those who have made us suffer,it may not happen right away but it always comes back.

  11. I know i have never gotten a straight answer. Over the last month i been told to expect payment jan 15, 19, 27, 31 and also sometime in February. And several have said i dont know we are still wotking on system programming.

  12. Mike DeWine needs to be impeached and Kimberly Hall needs to be fired !! How can they not care what is happening in the state they’re suppose to be responsible for? The system needs updated? cool.. we’ll wait it’s going on 5 weeks of these supposed updates and no one has seen anything no kind of updates! If I was them I would be embarrassed that after the 3rd FPUC issued they still don’t know what they are doing they hire a company that has burned them and others before.. Shame on them!!! We need help!!


    Remember when this all first started? How long did the 1099 workers have to wait before we could even file because there was no computer program for us to file on. Then when we got the $300 from the executive order from Trump for 6 weeks. The 6 weeks had already passed and the state had to pay us all with multiple deposits in a few days. This state takes forever to get things done and there is no reason, that I know of, that would cause the state to be so SLOW. Change the dates in the system that has already been created……. change the entry that said $600; then $0 then $300 now $0 back on to $300 and pay everyone what we are owed. Bills do not wait for the state to pay us. The electric company, water, gas, food they don’t care that OHIO has not sent the payments.


    We don’t care why, or what you have to do. Let those that are struggling know the truth. What is going on? When does the state plan on starting payments? If we knew what was happening we could plan ahead being left in the dark is not fair.


    ####Please feel free to copy and repost####

  14. Terrible leadership from our state politicians and the Director of JFS. I feel that there is a lot more to this then what we all know and I am not skeptical by nature and a pretty darned positive person. But this has gone too far. So upsetting.

  15. Could really use some help as I’m the sole provider for my family of 5 plus 1 on child support. We’re beyond drowning right now and I don’t see us honestly making it another 5 days. Great job Ohio.

  16. I woukd love to take dewines home from him,take all his food from his children, and leave him pennyless for as long as we all sit here without a penny!!!!!

  17. Honestly, I don’t even collect benefits OJFS. But I do work in Cleveland, Ohio and everyday there are more and more people living in the streets. It’s my understanding that the homeless shelter, and churches in and around the city are at capacity. Entire families are sleeping on the floor of facilities.
    That means children as well. I am a strong man mentally, but I can tell you as I am typing this message I am crying my eyes out thinking that this is what this State and nation has let this happen to our fellow Ohioians. This pandemic is NOT the fault of the citizens of Ohio. The State and Federal Government dropped the ball on this virus, turned it into a political stunt to torcher good hard working Americans who did NOT ask for any of this. It’s unacceptable, and the person who should be most accountable, starts at the top. That’s Governor Mike DeWine.
    OJFS Director Kim Henderson, claims to be working day and night with her team. Clearly this article reflects, That the State of Ohio has farmed out it’s unemployment dept.
    To a tech firm, who has not been able to get the job done for the unemployed of Ohio. Instead, there rock solid programmers have allowed data breaches and fraud. This article doesn’t mention the $220 million dollars that the State of Ohio was taken for a ride in fraud
    Claims on the PUA system. In which, Kim Henderson who should have been removed from her position at that point, blamed to tech company mentioned in this article, and Governor DeWine and Lt. Governor Husted did nothing, held nobody accountable. Well now Ohio we know why!!! Because they were all enjoying the kick backs that go back to the TOP. Ohioians are like chess pieces in a political game. They have been made the PAWNS.

  18. Well it’s terrible how this is happening and you say people haven’t got pua in over a month? Well its been several for me. I signed up in August of 2020 and have not received anything at all but told to be patient. My bills and my children can’t afford to keep being patient.

  19. I got a text message from relia card on Thursday saying someone took 94 out of my account they needed me to talk to the fraud investigator. They transferred me,she canceled my card and supposedly sent me another. Well I called the number on the back of my card and she said it wasn’t relia card, my card was still activated. But with someone having my info she did cancel that card and said it definitely wasn’t from there department. So once again my info was breached. Its ridiculous that not only not receiving payments, now someone has my info.

  20. It’s now more than just back pay and getting it to run/pay. People have lost everything dear to them as well. Not just homes and cars. We lost items that we have owned for years because we had to sell them in order to survive. “Example”
    I, back in the 80’s raced BMX bikes and had to sell the two 40 year old BMX bikes I raced on and have had for 40 years at a huge loss. (Hutch pro Racer todays estimated vale in the $3200 range, sold for $400 because I dont have the time to simply wait for the going price (I need to eat), My Race Inc. BMX Bike too) Bikes that are irreplaceable today.
    I am a gig worker (Photography) I had to sell all my cameras. I lost my dignity when the state of Ohio ended the PUA days before X-Mas without notice, claiming the rate dropped from 5.7 to 5.5 or something. I lost my dignity when my auto insurance canceled.
    After 6 weeks, going on 7 weeks without a payment at all, I can’t even afford fuel to look for work. I can’t even afford to do online applications in fear if I get called in for an interview I simply don’t have insurance let alone gas. (I live in a small city 30 miles away from the where the work is). But Ohio is saying we have to look for work, that’s kind of hard when you don’t have money. I simply don’t have auto insurance or gas. I had to move into my fathers home, a failure.
    I think Ohio owes us more than just the back pay, I think they owe us for the loss we are all suffering watching every thing we worked hard for over the years disappear all with-in a years time. They owe us for the mental strain (Anguish) this has placed on us as well. Lets not even start on the people who have children, lost homes, and cars. “My insurance quote is now 200 bucks higher now that it canceled”. This is deeper than just getting our back pay, what about the stuff we lost, ruined credit, dignity?

    1. That is so true! Why didn’t Biden address all the credit issues and late fees and just losses across the board.
      Not even Biden all the so called politicians.
      This country is literally turning into the Roman Empire!

      1. It will all come out in the end. The Governments know all this. But any class action law suites will bring the usual 19 bucks to each person. I say stop paying taxes, work for cash. Shut it down, Defund the Government. The riot at the capital was not only because of a president, it was because We The People have had enough of this. It has been boiling over for 15 years now and it finally broke. America broke the people.
        I’m not a conspiracy theorist type. But, I do think this was all planned out. First we started seeing ads for buying groceries online to be delivered at your home, then automobiles, now were seeing ads for buying fast food to be delivered at home, etc, then we we were forced to stay at home. Then they closed all small business. That didn’t work as planned so Biden raised the minimum wage to 15 bucks. most smaller business can’t afford to pay 15 bucks an hour forcing them to close in time. It seems like Amazon and other large corporations want to close all mom and pop and smaller outlet stores to get a monopoly. I don’t use Amazon and I stopped going to the number business killer Wal mart. Wal Mart moves in and the other stores can’t compete. Wal mart even shut down Huffy Bikes. Yeah, no joke. Wal Mart makes a bulk order from who ever. lets say it costs Huffy to manufacture one bike (lets say 16 bucks per bike) Wal Mart says we will buy 20,000 but we will only pay 8 bucks a bike. Huffy went bankrupt. now general electric in Ohio who makes light bulbs for Wal Mart, Wal Mart did the same thing. The first day Biden was in office, GE Ohio plant announced they were closing and moving to China. Yeah manufacturing is cheaper in China so GE can afford to keep supplying Wal Mart. 80 people were let go and out of work. get what I am saying.

    2. I don’t know you sir, but no matter what “keep going” there will be light at the end of what feels like everlasting darkness…hold on and keep going.🙏🏾

  21. It took several months to receive my first payment and throughout the process the first 6 calls I made to jfs I received 6 completely different answers all from 6 different employees. It is disgraceful to have to endure the mental stress and finical burden that has been inflicted upon those of us in pua. Constantly misinformed and told blunt lies just to tell us what we want to hear so they can get off the phone. Aside from already dealing with losing jobs as a result of regulations put in effect by the state officials such as curphews and bans from social events that created the loss of our jobs and then being completely neglected misguided and deprived of resources that we rightfully qualify for. There certainly needs to be immidiate response and those who were responsible for this tragedy should be help accountable. Prayers go out for those affected by the neglect of our states elected officials

  22. My name is Deanna I am one of the ones that exhausted benefits last payment was 12/12 no new information when anything is coming . Everyone I spoke to has a different answer when you call the call line they say nothing to be accurate and very rude . We were small family owned business lost it beginning of covid have loaded everything since day one . Then they claim they don’t have it . My fiancé received overpayment he again had his since day one . I think it’s ridiculous that we have had to stress about where are next meal or if our utilities would be shut off to putting food on the table . We have worked and paid taxes since we were 16 now 43 yrs. I just in belief that our governor has let it gone this far . That this no fault of our that us and thousands others are stressing about this . Something has to be done someone need to be held accountable for the pain and suffering we have went three this . Thank you Deanna

    1. And they wont even confirm we are still eligible either. Like when we call and ask about our ineligible determination from 12/22 leaving us wondering if we will even get a payment. They just say they don’t know, or they say they can’t answer that.

  23. Seems like business as usual for them-except that business is not usual…we’re in extraordinary times and that takes innovation and creative solutions to “work around” problems, which could be done, if they wanted too.

    Interesting that DeWine has to answer one meatball question on unemployment today in his weekly press conference and all he can offer is that he is getting outside help? At the same time, they discussed the vaccine distribution atnaucium(yawn).

    At least issue us official letters to provide to utilities etc…BTW, when the going got the toughest, all those companies (Duke Energy, at&t, tiaa cref-Google never cared…) that cared so much when the pandemic was an infant, don’t care one bit when it’s now a full grown issue and even more contagious and deadly. Even friends and family are understandably tapped out trying to help out, when we don’t even know when help is coming.

    I’m an IT Project Lead in the Financial Sector by profession and my expertise (in case dewine needs it) among other skills, is very detailed schedule creation. It’s ridiculous that you dont have have a projection of when the system updates will be completed within a certain level of confidence, say give or take 10% etc…and even if you are investigating fraud, you should have a procedure/methodology of how to go about it, which again…confidence leveled projection to provide to stakeholders-critical stakeholders like your constituents some understanding of what’s being done and what roadblocks are being encountered etc. I’m nothing special though for sure. It just seems this/we isn’t/aren’t important enough to apply professionalism towards…we dont need to see anyone else getting vaccine shots. Most people have gotten one before.

    Not that I dont care, but why the redundancy, when it seems you are trying to force as many people back out to find any kinda of work (typically frontline/dangerous) to survive? I understand the strategy…seems diabolical though…and then you pretend and wonder why it take so long to get the rate of infection down and blame us, that we’re not doing or part, although I see everyone wearing their masks and keeping distance? Obtuse…elementary…

    I’ll always be proud to have grown up in Ohio. Ohioans are my close family, including Dewine and crew, but I’m very disappointed in them all and know they can do better. I’m praying for us all that the Spirit of Love will continue to preserve and protect us all during this treacherous season. MUCH LOVE ALWAYS

  24. I grew up in Ohio and I love this country. But never have I ever wanted to relocate so bad. The inadequate leadership is showing itself daily. I think it’s time to exodus this train wreck of a state.

  25. I grew up in Ohio and I love this country. But never have I ever wanted to relocate so bad. The inadequate leadership is showing itself daily. I think it’s time to exodus this train wreck of a state.

  26. My pua journey applied middle of May had 3 pending issues because of system failures they included a identity questionnaire system that never allowed me to answer the questions because so many people were on the site filing then said I wasn’t me because the page had an error before I could answer any questions . They gave me a pending issue gave me less than 2 weeks to provide documents which I did within 24 hrs driver’s license socials all tax forms bank statement utility bill marriage license birth certificates. Then 3 Months later I received a payment I paid my old and new bills then I get an email of a data breach saying I do not need to do anything. So I didn’t I get a issue on my account and had to submit everything that I already submitted due to there system being breached while no payments were being received lasted a month got payments for a month then I noticed my payments were cut in half twice cut me down to a quarter and I have an overpayment for thousands of dollars I received a notice a week after payments were cut that was not appealable so my payments changed to less than 189.00 because they r taking half. I asked why they said because of my income. They calculated this not me months ago I provided the same information nothing changed so why should I be punished so then the 120$ a week went bye bye dec 12 d/t unemployment numbers. So I owed more money to them than I received from them I’m not getting anything it’s been 7 weeks and I’m being told to wait till February 26th per Jfs to receive anything because I exhausted my benefits. So my info got hacked I owe over 17k I still need to pay rent so me and my kids can have a place to live I’m more in debt now with late payments fees and never received a stimulus d/t being sent to a closed account filed my taxes to try and receive that them refund dates are pushed back also Jfs might take that since they put me in debt so bye bye stimulus they said we won’t take your stimulus but we will take your your tax refund and the stimulus if it’s in there and anything else I get in the future because of Jfs miscalculation or the lack there of. I want 0$ debt credit score of 750 my unemployment calculated correctly unemployment to payout immediately to actually train them reps keep them informed our pua group know more than the reps thanks to chantry. May god be with us all

  27. Everyone is absolutely right Ohio is taking their sweet ass time while we the Ohioans are out here struggling losing everything you want us to look for jobs. How are we suppose to look for jobs and stay at home at the same time? How are we suppose to work when are kids are stuck at home doing school work frankly i think thats a job itself we didn’t ask to automatically become teachers and I’m sure their is teachers that isn’t working at this time I’m sure they are getting paid while we are at home doing their job but forgive me if I’m wrong about that but how can we afford a babysitter to look for work or if we did have a job and what jobs are really hiring really none cause half the jobs in Ohio has people laid off and only giving a few hours that even goes for a fast food job how could we even attempt to have a babysitter not knowing if he or she will bring covid in your home and pass it to your children ohio is really failing us blaming fraud well california has the most cases of fraud but they are still paying their people so leave that excuse at home the home that you higher ups still have the food you have and the money you have thats the problem you guys are all set and have no worries and not rushing to do anything everyone is facing evictions but ohio there is a eviction ban lol these landlords out here don’t care they still writing up evictions left and right they need their money to I want you higher up to live in our shoes for one day and see how it feels to be treated the way you are treating us lets get it together it’s not that hard like someone already its been in your systems already why would you delete it out when the pandemic is still going leave it alone and just change the numbers of the federal money as it changes that way all you have to do is change a price what are you going to do if Biden extends it to september say oh we gotta update again that is uncalled for leave the program in your system and change what needs changed accordingly lets get it together ohio what are you gonna do when you have several hundred thousands of people and kids living on the streets its our money and we need it now just like you need and get yours

  28. Please hurry PUA I’m a single mother of 4 I been waiting since December 13 to receive a payment. My kids and I had the most horrible Christmas ever not one gift was put under the tree this year because PUA considers 171.00 a week =684.00 enough to take care of a family of 5 when rent alone is 998.00 I do appreciate the 171.00 a week don’t get me wrong but I don’t appreciate almost 6 weeks no payment. We couldn’t celebrate Christmas due to getting cut off of unemployment 2 weeks before Christmas. My car has gotten repoed and I am being evicted due too no income to pay my bills when it’s clearly not are fault the job i have done for 21 years The job that paid my bills on time the job loved the most was serving and it was takin from me. my kids are out of school due to school closers. my kids are 9,11,12,14 all but one is to old for daycare but clearly not old enough to be left home alone to teach one another so my job as a mom is to step up and make the choice to be there teacher until schools open back up. So all of us working Americans paid into unemployment all of our years of working and this is how we have to live until the issues are resolved with the unemployment office. I feel for every parent that has lost sleep worrying there self sick of what to do next definitely to single parents who has no significant other to help with any bills or teaching. So PUA please understand are frustrations as Mom’s and dads that has had to lose sleep worrying about how to pay bills or keep a roof over are family heads or even a nice meal after alone stressful day or the ones like me that has not been able to afford not a gift for 3 of my kids birthday and we also missed Christmas due to no income and still my kids look at me like it’s okay mom there is always next year that hurts. So unemployment please if you can go the extra mile this week to assure that the problem gets fixed the 5 billion people on unemployment including my self would be very great full God bless and I hope you never have to experience what we have gone thru and are still going thru mentally and emotionally.

  29. Desperately need my pua bills piled up my rent behind been waiting since nov of 2020 ive called sent in all my forms of idenity they asked for still no money nothing has changed on my app. says active has the amount ill be getting no hold just pending and no pay. I sent email to with id forms AGAIN now waiting for response pls help

  30. I worked as much as I could through the pandemic. But until I applied for PUA unemployment back in September after testing positive to Covid, I wasnt affected, by this burden. Was told 21 would be the total turn around time until i started receiving benefits. Due to mine and my five- year olds current health conditions, we are considered health-Compromised, and I have not been able to return to work as a hairdresser. And eventually closed my salon suite, from which I had a lucrative 10-year- business.
    But as of date I have not received one payment from PUA, even though I was monetarily approved. Even though, I call daily to be told “oh, it just a waiting game, but you have done everything right on your end, sorry. It’s in adjudication’s hands now.”
    It’s absolutely ridiculous, if I was to send my clients out into the world with the same customer service unemployment provided us with I would have been out of business years ago. We are looked at as numbers and nothing more. I worked for 10 years as a hairdresser and never thought I would have to depend on such a “not-for-the-people-system”. Someone or ones needs to held accountable for this ball of the ball.

  31. Ohio is definitely on some major Bu*l
    S*it!!!! My Lord get it together as we are down to the last of the last resources out there, all along why the State of Ohio is paying Millions to a Company for Unemployment Programs, but we as citizens can’t get a Dime!!! We’re drowning DeWine!! SMH

  32. Ohio is as corrupt as Puerto Rico. I hope these crooks get what they deserve. I never got 1 response in 3 months. I hope they all burn in hell

  33. I agree with everything said here!! This is getting way out of control and I do agree minimum wage should be raised but not to $15 an hour. That will hurt us all in the long run. It will raise the cost of everything else!!! Wait and see milk will be $10 a gallon and I’m afraid to see what is going to happen. Our country is hurting but they don’t care cause they all still getting paid!! It’s going to get worse and people will realize that we had it good up until this all hit. I cannot wait to get out of ohio!! Used to love it here but too much corruption and no help when needed!! I lived in WV and they help their people!! If you are out of work and find work they let you keep benefits for 6 months to make sure you make it and not back on assistance plus offer cash bonuses for keeping a job where as ohio if you get a job they take everything from you as soon as they know and then you end up giving up. What if all the people that are able to work stop and Noone pays taxes for as long as they kept our money??? Bet they would move alot faster on getting us our money!!!

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