Conspiracy theories have become mainstream in politics from Hannity peddling conspiracy theories of the Deep State to Qanon telling people some rubbish about pizza shops feeding children to Democrats. It has not helped that the President of the United States also has been spreading his own conspiracies and lies. The right-wing make-believe world they imagined with the help of the reality star in office and the constant right-wing media falsehoods, has made an impact in society.

Yesterday the far right gathered in front of the Capitol building then stormed it, temporarily delaying congress in the process of certifying Biden as the 46th President of the United States. Social media went nuts. Most of the world watched in fascination for the entertainment of the spectacle. It did not change the results. There was little to no resistance from the police. It was simply a protest. A few windows were broken, and some guys got away with Nancy Pelosi‚Äôs mail and a podium, some souvenirs of the day.  They marched at the orders of the President himself. They marched for a man who lived his whole life wealthy and privileged because his daddy was rich and powerful. They did not march for the people; they march for a rich man and a rich politician at that. But really there were underlying issues they marched for. They marched for fascism and racism. I say that because many who were in there are long time self-proclaimed neo-Nazis and Fascists. These are the same kind of folk who declared victory when Trump won saying that their side was embraced by the American people.

Now, let me be clear on this. I have no issue with the tactic. If I saw a red & black flag being waved in those halls, I would have been incredibly happy. If I saw BLM and Communists kicking it in the offices of the senators, I would have laughed my ass off cheering. I have no issue with the tactic. I take issue with the cause they march for. I take issue with the racist capitalist pig in office. I take issue with neo-Nazis and all those who find their cause goes hand in hand with them, at least enough to march side by side. I take issue with large segments of the population who embrace lies and falsehoods that further the cause of fascism in the United States.

There was not a side here to align with. This was the enemy helping the enemy to protest the enemy and essentially only accomplish one thing. They made it harder to storm the capitol in the future. I know they wanted a civil war, they even had T-Shirts printed up all nice and professional before they took days off work to come out for a few days during a work week to stay in their hotels and have their exciting vacation adventure. They want a coup; they want a civil war, and I do not think most of them realize the reality of how horrible that would be. We must be vigilant because there is a large population in the country that is seeking this authoritarian right-wing push towards fascism. It will come back. Congress could try to make some safety precautions and try to prevent it many ways, but that might be a bit too much to ask for. Instead, they will secure the capitol through more authoritarian means. You will not get into congress without DHS making you take off your shoes and dispose of your bottles of lotion before the metal detector and pat down. Not too much unlike an airport. The co-conspirators (the cops) will get more funding, and this will be cited as the justification.

The more concerning thing are reports of bombs yesterday. Christmas saw a terrorist bombing in Nashville perpetrated by another right-wing conspiracy theorist. Let us be clear, that bombing was from this crowd. One of theirs did it and it looks like others intended to do more of that. Calling these folk Vanilla ISIS is appropriate. We are looking at a similar political element here, right wing terrorist bombers and killers. I find it almost appropriate that they rose out of the US right wing. These where the very folk who seemed to see the political factions that most closely resemble theirs as an excuse for their own racism and bigotry in a post 9-11 world.

This escalating situation in the USA can likely turn out to resemble the Civil War in Syria. Those who push for Civil War are delusional as to what it would look like. The nature of warfare in the 21st century does not resemble the 1776 wet dream fantasies of wingnuts. It has very blurred undefined lines and sides and many civilian casualties. It is not played out on battle fields, but in daycares with bombs. It kills the janitors and the factory workers. Those in power are mostly protected. They would much rather see civilians target each other than their wealth and power. It does not matter to them which side they employ to do their bidding once the dust settles and they need us to do the hard work which makes them rich.

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