The coming conflict will closely resemble the Civil War in Syria

There are not two sides to the current conflict going on right now in the United States. As I write this it is January 9th, 2021, a couple days after far-right white nationalists, neofascists and authoritarians stormed the Capitol as congress was certifying election results of the 2020 election for the President Elect Joe Biden. Many on the right printed up novelty T-Shirts with the date January 6th, 2021 with the words “Civil War” written on them. There are those who want what they call a Civil War on the far right.

Power is in the Neoliberal Nation State which serves the interests of large corporations and big business, they are there to serve the rich. This faction is who sits in positions of power. Mao Zedong said, “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” And the state has the upper hand there.  The fascists have loyalists in the United States government. They have supporters with positions of power in these institutions either elected or appointed and they will be a problem in the coming days. The right will be trying to regain power in a struggle between Republicans and Democrats for these positions. Both parties have lost faith of the citizens of the US. Their support and approval are not high in a country where most have little to no allegiance to the powers that be.

We have talked about the rise of the right-wing extremist in the USA for years now. The group who stormed the Capitol building want a coup or an insurrection. While people argue what to call it online the right is aiming for an overthrow of the government. While it started as mostly a hatred of the democratic party, we see that much of their target is civilians over the last few years. The terrorist attacks in the USA closely resemble what much of the middle east have been enduring from right wing extremists for decades. Bombings and shootings have become common place in the USA. The Christmas morning suicide bomber in Nashville Tennessee came from this far right radical conspiracy group. There were homemade bombs brought to the January 6th incident. The right wants the upcoming inauguration of President Joe Biden on January 20th to be a bigger threat. 2021 will see things escalate on all sides. In response the Neoliberal Nation State is going to respond with draconian measures that will target the left.

Let us talk about the left. Groups calling themselves the Red Guard have assaulted other leftists. The left is beyond splintered. The left has no allegiance to either the Democrats or the Republicans and has been rising all over and growing. As an anarchist I have seen more radical left wing political movements growing, especially with the internet. The same is for both sides as people see the failings of the Imperialist Neoliberal nation state. The police and militant forces of the state have responded to the left with extreme force unprecedented by anything in US history. While we saw on January 6th the police, military personnel and elected republicans were in the crowd which met little to no police resistance, they collaborated. When you have a civilian paramilitary working with a right-wing militant force within a country this is a bad thing. We have seen this all over the world and know this can not be tolerated. This means everyone who sympathizes or supports must be rooted out of power ASAP before this gets much worse than we can begin to imagine. This is a double-edged sword as much of this draconian power rise will be used to go after the left.

The right seems to imagine world that does not exist. They want a Civil War looking at imagery of the Revolutionary War or the US Civil War where there are two sides and some clear victory. This ignores the reality of warfare and combat in the 21st century. The coming conflict will more closely resemble Syria than wars fought on US soil in the past. It already has taken that form. The sides will be increasingly blurred and the targets and victims will be primarily innocent civilians, like they have been.

The USA elected Biden who has a long record of advancing imperialist draconian measures from the top. Mind you, what we will see will take it far beyond the Patriot ACT. They will not get rid of Immigrant Detention Facilities the left protested in the Trump administration; the beast will grow much larger. This is far from over, and it is going to get much worse. Many will be very confused as to which side is which and how they differ. We already see a great deal of media and politicians calling the right-wing fascists Anarchists. Anarchists have been fighting these folks for a long time and suddenly they are getting lumped in with authoritarians. To the State there is no difference in their mind as they are both forces who threaten their authority and rule. This leaves us in a very splintered volatile situation going forward. The strategies will have to change, and I do not know what that means at this point. I do know that my vote is meaningless, and despite my voting I have only been given leaders that I do not want. I do know that we need to be organizing now more than ever.

All the Democrats who demanded everyone vote for their candidate better be ready to get out and organize because this is not going to turn out well without us all being involved and taking our future into our own hands. We must organize. We must focus on new tactics and put aside meaningless bickering between ourselves that alienates and polarizes the left. We can not afford to lose and it is not looking good.

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